Vintage Toys: When memories become a collection

Vintage Toys

Collecting vintage toys often begins with a game of your childhood bought on a stand or on a flea market and continues without even you realize it. Continue reading to find out together how the memories of when you were a child will turn into a collection.

Among all the collectors, those who love collecting vintage toys are probably among the most passionate. Most often this hobby is born out of a nostalgia operation and the desire to come back to the baby we all have inside. On the other hand, many collectors collect ancient toys to celebrate beauty and share their knowledge.


Collecting vintage toys is a very rich and varied business, it can be said that there are no similar, perhaps even similar collections in the world. The magic of toys is that there are hundreds of types, brands, materials and mechanisms. There are so many reasons for collecting ancient items. Let’s find out together those for which you should start collecting vintage toys.

If you think of the home of an old toy collector, probably the first thing you imagine is immaculate display cabinets and super-ordered bookshelves full of toys. Maybe you will be surprised but not always so. Not everyone collects vintage toys to show them or sell them. Many collect them to live them and play just like when they were children. Others do both, buying twice the same toy to open one and leave the other intact.

When talking about vintage toys, memories are more important than value

The memories of her childhood are the foundations of collecting vintage toys. Almost all collectors prefer to have smaller collections, both as a value and a number of pieces, in favor of collecting toys in the best possible state, but bring with it that nostalgia pinch. Believe me, in 10 years you would also become a rich collector if you start to collect for example fidget toys. Right! What is trendy now, in few years will be vintage, so better hurry up and visit this site to buy some cool toys.

History and vintage toys

toys history

That said, not all old toy collectors do it for sentimental reasons. For many vintage toys are far more than just toys and they see them as beautiful and precious objects with a great historical value, a bit like jewelery or artwork. One of the most interesting aspects of toys is that they are a bit of the mirror of the time they are built; For example, in 1900, many toys depicted the circuses, while around 1960 the spaceships, robots and astronauts were children’s favorites.

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