The best way to sell your old stuff

sell your old stuff

Before, you must organize

If you have an amount (and variety) of things that you intend to sell, you must organize because otherwise you might feel overwhelmed and, by the way, you will stress when choosing the antiques and/or old things that you really want to sell. You can have things that not being technically antiques, no longer serve you or you do not like them.

In addition, the best way to sell your old stuff is, without a doubt, taking into account the seasons when people are going to need those old items that you no longer use. Now, the first step is that you should spend a day, at least, to decide which items you no longer need or, well that you do not like or are out of fashion. Other people may need what no longer serves you. Let’s see, then, the options.

Online Markets:


It is impossible to stop alluding to eBay. Today, this platform gives you immediate access, without having to create an account, list your articles, upload photos, and other issues that are uncomfortable. It is estimated that about 160 million people are always online on eBay. It is a great option to sell things that you no longer want to have but, more importantly, this platform has eBay Antiques, a section where you will find stores like Sddylf, Jaditejudy, Mdeur29, Trolle House Emporium, you can buy the things that, then, they will sell.

However, since eBay’s commission may be more than 10% of the selling price of the item you no longer want and/or is an antiquity, other online markets have appeared that can be very useful. Such is the case of Facebook, where there are thousands of groups that you can join to sell your things and, by the way, will serve you to buy something that you may eventually need

Other online markets and some applications to sell your old things


It is also similar to eBay in terms of design. But, the rates are more competitive, to the point, even, that will never be paid more than 3 $ of the final price of an item sold there and/or bought. As far as antiquities are concerned, this platform has “Ancient World”, in which there are several sub-categories like “Egyptian”, “Greek” and “Other”. Another category is “Antiquities”, with sub-categories like “British”, “Chinese”, “European”, “Romans” and others. As for the “Antigodades arquitectónicas”, we have “lamps”, “spiders”, etc.

Applications to sell

When you want to sell something quickly, you can use certain applications, such as LetGo, 5miles, Close5, OfferUp, SocialSell, Carousell and Listia, among others. You need to keep in mind that these are applications that are based on location, so you can sell what you want within your own neighborhood. However, you must be very careful the moment someone knocks on the door of your house.