Beat the magic of the market

the antiques market

Sun, early and lazy Sunday morning, a cup of coffee and a mind-blowing thoughts – another few minutes of easterly sleep and going to the flea market – maybe in the future, I found something original (duet, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton handbag). And it does not matter where I am – in Vilnius, Barcelona or Paris – the tradition of a Sunday flea market exists all over Europe.

Tourists, collectors, old men and women in the flea markets will find what they want: a picture of theirs, a porcelain figurine, a tableware and a table, a book, a piece of furniture, a slipper, or something else. With the old piece of house, I love you and a few strangers, so a very exciting life, and a moment in the history of the world. Tracksuits for sale – often a generation traditionally passed on to the family. And perhaps the only thing we will not find in such a market is fleas. So naturally the question arises: why is it called flea market? Flea Market There is not a single theory to explain the story of the emergence of this strange and tangible name. Perhaps the most popular and most interesting announcement takes us to the 1860s in Paris. True, the capital of France at that time did not count on the city’s shining windows and the streets and did not have the name of the city when it came to being an idyllic city. However, in dirty crossroads, crap buildings and dry land, you will find a smooth flea market secret. In the 1860s, in one of the Parisian cities, the activity began with the market called Marche aux Puces, where the goods were knocked down by the beetle, which sold a lot of old furniture. According to the story, we got the name and tradition of selling old, non-usable, frozen and endless items – in other words, to a practical incentive. Well, the fashion flea market has become a delusion of bohemian spirit and collector. Paris Treasures The largest and most famous European flea market, you certainly will not be surprised, is in the northern part of Paris, it is called Les Puces de Saint-Ouen and takes up seven hectares of land. This is a true collector and a unitary hunter paradise, a great entertainment for tourists. The market is open for three days a week: on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from the morning until the evening of this eve.

the Paris Arctic

It is believed that the market in the Paris Arctic appeared between the years 1880-1900, and its history is inseparable from the legend of the Colette Razor. It is said that he, again called “pêcheurs de lune”, used to travel in Paris on the rocks, which is codified as an ancient object that could be sold on the market. Under the laws of that time, the raccoon was identified with thieves, racers and guilty, so I was exiled for the city wall. He also met more of his “colleagues”, the so-called menubar, and summoned them in the current Les Puces de Saint-Ouen market for the flea market. The sound of the merchants grew rapidly, and many people were pulled in to explore the magnificent “collections” of them. The twentieth century At the beginning of the year, it even became very fashionable to spend a Sunday on the market. Extremely popular with the market and now. Every weekend, it is said that they go from 120 thousand to 180 thousand people. For the Parisians, it is inseparable from the cultural life of the city, for tourists it is a great pastime, and for celebrities, which is also not the case, there is another way to appear in the public eye. This Hollywood star Halle Berry was knocked down by hand, while the model Kate Moss noticed between the vest in her dressing hanger. For those who value the distinction, the market is a real treasure. London’s “Beautiful Port” Another flea-faring city, like a huge historic museum or amusement park in the open air, is the flea market in London’s Portobello, which brings a lot of curiosities to the Notting Hill District, i Popularized by actress Julius Robberts and Hugh Grant in the same title movie. In the long run, the market has become compulsory to visit a tourist object. Do not smell his spirits, do not brag for the fall of London …


the market PortobelloSome time the area of ​​Portobello was a huge commodity, the name gained from the English admiral Vernon, the Caribbean Islands in 1739. Captured Puerto Bello harbor. In the meantime, the name given to this company is to increase people’s lives. Soon there were more residential houses, trading pavilions and streets for dealers. Well, he became popular in the 1960s as a flea market. And that’s not what it’s about – a famous designer coat and military uniform, engraved with porcelain and an elaborate work of Afghan hand-made carpets … Tired of being drunk and laughing, you can grow up with fast food or snuggle into a luxury restaurant. As they say, everyone is tasty. The bazaar and 2000 marketers who dip in the entire country all open every day and Sunday, and professionals advise Portobello to drive between e and ninth in the morning when the market does not have a curiosity, and the most interesting things are not yet graceful An idyllic hunter. By the way, those dressed in a designer like Millau, Annette Olivieri or Sidonie would have to concentrate on the whole marketplace after the Westway viaduct market. Well, while the retro and wintry-style lovers will find out a lot about the box on the Decadent Vintage counter that features 1920s dresses. The Waterlooplein, the oldest and most sought after flea market in the city of Amsterdam, is the oldest and most sought after airport in Amsterdam. It is also the best place to use for anything but clothing and clothing, but also a more interesting frame for your travel album. Here there are some great places to spend an evening too, so if you are interested to know more about live dealer casinos, probably you will find all the information needed. In addition to this, as with all of Amsterdam, it is filled with ideas from young people that are reflected in the type of Che Guevara marketed in the market, graphite in a few bottles, and Africa in musical instruments. You can even get a tattoo on offer.

Waterlooplein Square

Waterlooplein SquareWaterlooplein Square appeared in 1880 between two water channels. Soon, this person will be buried in the market, the largest and most important in the whole city. After the Second World War, the market was closed, but after the war its activity was restarted. First of all, this is a simple thing, and in the 7th century, and the market has flooded. The hippies traveled to Amsterdam from all over Europe have become a symbol of diversity and diversity, and the market is a popular place for gathering together, exchanging views and exchanging things. Now the Amsterdam hole in the market boasts a wealth of tourists, various eccentricities and informal. According to the seller, it sells many devoted clothes, uniforms, books, musical instruments, strangeness and even more. It is said that the Waterlooplein Market is a great place to take on a bee that was not the first year of a bike, a musical instrument or a souvenir in Africa and Asia. I’m sorry to hear everything that you can imagine. So before the date of the match flew in the market. By the way, he is not only fashionable, but also ecologists.