5 Signs of Valuable Antiquities

Signs of Valuable Antiquities

That the design of antiquity be attractive

For an antique piece to be truly valuable, it is almost imperative that it has a design that, from the aesthetic perspective, is attractive. While it is true that beauty and/or aesthetics are subjective concepts, it is also true that there are some generalized standards to establish the aesthetic of something. However, it is necessary that, once you have decided on one or several pieces, it is advisable that you seek the opinion of friends, relatives or, well, experts in this subject.

Legitimacy of the piece

We can’t always be sure of a salesperson’s business ethics. Therefore, it is very important that you do an investigation, before acquiring valuable antiques, as far as the veracity of the date of manufacture and of the company or person who made them. It is very important that you verify that it is not an undesirable reply.

The shortage of the old article that you are going to acquire

Valuable antiquities are characterized because they are somewhat difficult to find, that is, much more difficult than when it comes to common, ordinary and normal items. The scarcity of an article may be a sign that, at the time of its manufacture, was not very popular. But, it can also be a symptom that only a few copies were produced, for rich customers, which makes them even more valuable.

In addition, it is possible that it is an antiquity that, in its time, was delicate, reason why most of the elements that integrate it were damaged with the passage of the years. According to this, it is more than evident that it is a valuable piece, because it managed to survive the passage of years and even centuries, even being delicate.


When it comes to wooden antiques such as furniture, it is very important to analyze the dovetailing, to detect whether it is a valuable piece or not. In this respect, it is very important to explain what dovetailing consists of, to say that it is a system of recesses and protrusions in the different pieces of wood of the old furniture that served to couple those pieces of wood. In other words, it is a system that allowed (and still allows) that, over time, the segments of the old furniture remain united.

It is very important that the antiques are in good condition

When they are in good condition, the pieces will be more valuable. It is more than normal that, over the years (and even centuries), the articles show signs of wear. However, valuable antiques have often been well cared for and looked after by their different owners, over time. Those that were made of poor quality, usually show wear and tear because they have not been very well maintained.